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What is Human Factors Lab

Human Factors Lab is the true Dark side of sunny Florida. Industrial rock at its finest. It can best be described as strong, and aggressive music, but not devoid of intelligence or innovation. A co-dependent relationship between melody and noise that demands to be heard. As a live band Human Factors Lab is known for their highly visual imagery and sometimes bizarre stage shows they are armed to the teeth with crunch guitars, live keyboard arrangements,pulse pounding drums,and aggressive vocals courtesy of the bands founder,Sev3n.

Formed in the winter of 2003 they hit the South Florida music scene and created an intense following almost from day 1. They released their debut album titled Plastik in the summer of 2004. After a couple years of touring and testing their metal out on the road hey began building fans on a national level. With their unique blend of electronics and organic instrumentation they began creating their own form of industrial rock. They have since kept up a steady pace performing with such bands as KMFDM, BILE, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT,GENITORTURERS,and crossbreed just to name a few.On April 3, 2008 Human Factors Lab set out for 5 weeks of touring the U.S. opening for Cleveland based rockers Mushroomhead.

Their second album, titled Pap3r was released on February 26, 2008 is an hour-long attack to the senses featuring 14 songs remixed by various artists and 1 new track to give the fans a taste of what is to come

Human Factors Lab is now gearing up for its third ALbum as a signed act, Bringing their unique blend of thick guitars, and electronically-infected evil to the masses.

Human Factors Lab is:
Damien Azrael:Guitars
Angel:Guitars/Guitar Synth
SyNN 666:KEyboards/Synths
End All:Drums


New Logo

December 2010

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